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Hard Drives

We regularly have large quantities of hard drives for sale as part of our bulk offers, however we also sell some at per unit prices with a minimum quantity order. We sell various sized hard drives from manufacturers like Western Digital and Seagate, whilst all of our drives are Blancco wiped.

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Specification Overview: Brand: Seagate, Western Digital, Maxtor Quantity: 250 Format:..
£6.50 · 7.43€
Specification Overview: Brand: Western Digital Quantity: 250 Format: SATA Condi..
£16.00 · 18.29€
Specification Overview:   Brand: Dell Quantity: 440 Format: SAS Conditi..
£7.50 · 8.57€
Specification Overview: Brand: Seagate, Western Digital Quantity: 500 Format: SA..
£5.50 · 6.29€
Specification Overview: Brand: Seagate, Western Digital Quantity: 895 Format: SATA C..
£10.00 · 11.43€
Quantity:98 Condition: Clean Pulls   ..
£9.00 · 10.29€
Hard Drives, SAS, SATA, HP, Hitachi, Dell, Seagate, WD