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New and Refurbished Laptops and Notebooks

New and Refurbished Laptops and Notebooks

XPO IT stocks various deals for refurbished, graded and tested laptops from well-known brands such as DellHPLenovo and Toshiba. For detailed information, download the excel spreadsheet where you will find the manufacturer, model, CPU type, CPU speed, RAM, HDD, optical drive, COA, screen size, screen grade, overall grade, whether or not the PSU and/or battery is included, condition notes and serial number.


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Specification Overview:   Brand: Dell Model: E7440, E7240 Screen Size: 12.5", 13.5" CP..
£1,850.00 · 2,115.11€
Specification Overview:   Brand: Sierra  Model: AirPrime MC7710   Netwo..
£15.00 · 17.15€
Specification Overview:   Brand: Fujitsu Model: P772, P771, E751 Screen Size: 12-15.5" ..
£945.00 · 1,080.42€
Laptops, Notebooks