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Desktops and Workstations

Desktops and Workstations

We regularly stock bulk deals of refurbished, graded and tested computers from brands including DellHPLenovoAcer, and Fujitsu. Click on each product’s downloadable excel spreadsheet to see the full product specifications including the manufacturer, model, chassis type, CPU type, CPU speed, RAM, HDD, optical drive, COA, grade, condition notes and serial number.

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Specification Overview:   Brand: Dell Model: Optiplex 9010 Chassis Type: Desktop CPU T..
£102.00 £97.00
116.62€ 110.90€
Specification Overview:   Brand: Lenovo Model: ThinkCentre M93p Chassis Typ..
£3,500.00 £3,000.00
4,001.55€ 3,429.90€
Specification Overview:   Brand: HP Model: Z230 Chassis Type: SFF Work..
£5,220.00 · 5,968.03€
Specification Overview:   Brand: Lenovo Models: M82, M83, M81 Chassis Type: SFF CPU Ty..
£4,710.00 £4,500.00
5,384.94€ 5,144.85€
Specification Overview:   Brand: HP Model: T5335z Part Number: XW887AA CPU Type: Marve..
£9.85 · 11.26€
Condition: Clean Pulls   Part Number: ATI-102-B27602B   Please note these..
£2.50 · 2.86€
Specification Overview:    Brand: Intelli Model: DSK105 Type: 3-Socket Condi..
£3.00 · 3.43€
Quantity:98 Condition: Clean Pulls   ..
£9.00 · 10.29€
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