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Here at XPO IT we can offer you a wide range of refurbished, graded and tested servers from brands like HP, Dell, Fujitsu and IBM. The downloadable excel spreadsheet will inform you of the manufacturer, model, chassis type, CPU type, CPU speed, RAM, HDD size, optical drive, COA, whether or not the bezel and/or rack rails are included, the quantity of PSU/CPU/HDD, grade, condition notes and serial number.

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Specification Overview:   Brand: HP  Model: Proliant DL360e G8 Chassis Size:..
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Specification Overview:   Brand: HP  Model: Proliant DL360e G8 Chassis Size: 1U CPU T..
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32GB Ram,No HDD & Caddies 1x Single 400W PSU 2x AMD 2.1Ghz Quad core CPU Spare Int..
£65.00 · 74.53€
Specification Overview:   Brand: Dell Model: Poweredge R420 Chassis Size: 1U CPU Type: Int..
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Specification Overview   Condition: Clean Pulls, Individually Boxed Step Code: SR0Q..
£1,800.00 · 2,063.88€
Specification Overview Condition: Clean Pulls, Individually Boxed Step Code: SLC3T Number ..
£200.00 · 229.32€
Condition: Clean Pulls Individually boxed  Step Code: SLBF6 # of Core..
£7.00 · 8.03€
Servers, Dell, HP, Poweredge, Proliant, Drives